FAQ for end consumer

Are mosaics frost-resistant and/or suitable for outdoor applications?
- Yes, stoneware tiles are frost-resistant and suitable for use in outdoor applications.

How are Jasba products cleaned?
- ->To the cleaning instructions

Are Jasba mosaics suitable for pools?
- Yes, on account of the thermoplastic bonding on the back, Jasba mosaics are also eminently suitable for areas which are permanently wet or underwater.

As an end consumer, can I order directly from Jasba?
- Jasba can be procured through specialist tile outlets.

How can I repair scratches, holes and damaged edges?
- By using Kerami-Fill, for example. The product is available from various online shops.


FAQ retailers / tilers

As a Jasba retailer, can I establish a link to your Web site?
- Yes, you are welcome to link your Web site to ours. You can download the Jasba logo ->here.

Can we use graphic material from Jasba for our own advertising purposes?
- If you sell Jasba products in your showroom, you are welcome to register with our photo data base. We will activate it after verification




FAQ for architecs and planners

FAQ - Fragen von Architekten und Planern
Does Jasba offer picture transfers?
-Yes, on request.

Can a colour mix be adapted to a different format?
- Yes, on request.

Can mosaics with smooth surfaces also be supplied as non-slip tiles in R10/B?
- Yes, on request.

Can Jasba extract an individual colour from a mix and apply it to mats?
- Unfortunately not. But we would be delighted to collaborate with you on creating a colour as of a certain quantity.