Thermoplastic glueing of mosaics on the back: also for permanently wet areas

Thermoplastic glueing of mosaics on the back

The new thermoplastic glueing process for Jasba mosaics is also eminently suitable for permanently wet and underwater areas. Tests by independent institutes have confirmed that the fibreglass net is not subject to microbiological attack under normal hygienic conditions. The bond properties after dry and wet storage are above the standard values. Accordingly, thermoplastic glueing on the back is not only recommended for dry areas but also for underwater areas (swimming pools and whirlpools) as well as for areas permanently exposed to

moisture – such as showers and pool rims. Furthermore, glueing on the back facilitates the laying process and ensures significant savings in time compared to the front foils required to date. The fibreglass net on the back largely prevents tile adhesive from penetrating the joints. And time-consuming removal of the foil and any residue on the tile surface is also dispensed with. This decisively facilitates installation on columns and rounded areas.