Ecological responsibility and sustainability

The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) in accordance with ISO 14025 outlines the environmental performance of "Ceramic tile" building products. It aims to promote the development of buildings which are compatible with the environment and health.

This validated Declaration entitles the holder to bear the symbol of Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.
The Declaration is complete and contains detailed information on the following:
  • Product definition and physical construction data
  • Information on base materials and origins
  • Descriptions of product manufacturing
  • Information on product processing
  • Information on the condition of use, extraordinary impacts and the end-of-life phase
  • Life Cycle Assessment results
  • Evidence and tests
The EPD provides the information base for calculating the sustainability of a building. It is an internationally-recognised type III ecological label based on the international ISO 14025 standard. EPDs include a detailed Life Cycle Assessment and a life cycle analysis as well as information on the technical efficiency of the respective building materials.
Environmental Product Declaration
Deutsche Steinzeug also supports the Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e. V. (DGNB) which defines sustainability as a commitment by society as a whole to take responsibility for current problems such as climate change and scarcity of resources instead of passing them on to future generations. More...
In the form of the "German Tile" initiative, the Industrieverband Keramische Fliesen + Platten e.V. underlines the advantages of these high-quality products. After all, German tiles are manufactured in an environmentally-friendly manner from native clay deposits and in state-of-the-art production facilities.

And they make it possible to build healthy accommodation without any toxic emissions. High environmental standards, short transport routes, long service lives and easy-clean features mean that they display exemplary sustainability characteristics.