Дизайн швов

moderne Fugengestaltung mit Jasba Fliesen Mosaik

There are no limits to interior design as tiles have long been inspired by more than innovative colours, formats, surface finishes and décors. Laying patterns and join design can now be used to set particular highlights. Joins are an inherent part of any tile or mosaic.

Accordingly, various laying patterns give rise to various join patterns: the more uniform the join, the more even the overall image. The days of plain grey or white joins are a thing of the past. Nowadays, joins and tiles form a harmonious interplay of colour.

Tone-in-tone design co-ordinated with the tile colour creates homogeneous surfaces and a spacious effect within rooms while sufficient contrast is provided by significantly lighter or darker joins co-ordinated with the tile colour.

Giving patterns, wall and floor tiles a lively appearance. Another advantage of modern join design concerns cleaning. Why not find out for yourself about the great convenience offered by modern join design and seek advice on innovative, particularly easy-to-clean grout material.