FAQ for end consumer


Are mosaics frost-resistant and/or suitable for outdoor applications?
- Yes, stoneware tiles are frost-resistant and suitable for use in outdoor applications.

How are Jasba products cleaned?
- ->To the cleaning instructions

Are Jasba mosaics suitable for pools?
- We recommend applying adhesive foil to the top for use in permanently wet areas.
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As an end consumer, can I order directly from Jasba?
- Jasba can be procured through specialist tile outlets.
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How can I repair scratches, holes and damaged edges?
- By using Kerami-Fill, for example. The product is available from various online shops.

Where can I buy Jasba tiles in my postal code area?
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What tiles can be combined with each other?
- Please refer to "Collections" for the respective product information and our recommendations for each Jasba product. You can also use the Digital Showroom to experiment with your own bathroom creations.
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