24.01.2019 - BAU 2019 (cube “Residential”) / Novelty 2019
Modern romanticism
Jasba-Floris: Inspiring colours with floral and geometric elements

With the new mosaic collection Floris, Jasba proves that ceramic tiles open up new stylistic scope again and again. An inspiring colouring, filigree floral patterns as well as a glossy relief look will radiate modern charm and create a special feel-good ambience in the own four walls as of 2019.

The new 5x5 centimetres mosaic of the brand Jasba permits sophisticated accentuations of walls in all private indoor and outdoor areas. The prevailing floral trend is re-interpreted by Floris and realized in a contemporary manner. The discreet, distinctive design creates a timelessly modern romantic atmosphere in the bathroom, the kitchen or also in outdoor areas.

Glossy relief look
The attractive interplay between floral and geometric design elements featuring lined and dotted areas is characteristic of Floris. However, the pattern mix is convincing not only aesthetically, but also can be haptically experienced thanks to the new design possibilities of the so-called reactive printing method. The three-dimensional relief created in this way and the subsequent gloss finish impressively enhance the look of the new Jasba collection and effectively emphasize the high quality of the mosaic.

Inspiring colours
Subtly varying mono-colours support the filigree floral patterning of this mosaic series made of glazed high-quality stoneware. The five colours available - each of them in a light and an intense variant - stand for a young and fresh way of home design: Dust as well as Dust intense, Sun / Sun intense, Sunset / Sunset intense, Forest / Forest intense and Midnight / Midnight intense.

Laid on the wall, the stylish interior design colours combine with the glossy floral relief look of the ceramic mosaics to form small works of art, which exude charm, individuality and modern romanticism.

In addition, Floris is convincing thanks to impressive practical advantages in the form of the in-plant HT (“Hydrophilic Tiles“) coating. This innovative solution is based on the effect of light and lends ceramic tiles revolutionary characteristics: they are extremely easy to clean, have an antibacterial effect without using chemical products and eliminate unwelcome odours as well as air pollutants. Thus, HT saves time and money and contributes to environmental protection thanks to the considerably reduced use of cleaning agents and disinfectants.

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Motif 1 (Picture source: Jasba Mosaik GmbH)

left part of the wall (behind mirror): colour Forst
right part of the wall (at storage rack): colour Forest intense

The new wall mosaic collection Floris of the brand Jasba is impressive because of filigree floral patterns with subtly varying mono-colours and a glossy relief look. The discreet, distinctive design brings modern charm and a special feel-good atmosphere into the private home

      (RGB-JPG 715.08 kb)
Motif 2 (Picture source: Jasba Mosaik GmbH) colour: Forst

Motifs 2 and 3:

Tangible beauty: thanks to reactive printing, the wonderful floral and geometric design elements of the series Floris can be haptically experienced as three-dimensional relief.

      (RGB-JPG 732.79 kb)
Motif 3 (Picture source: Jasba Mosaik GmbH) colour: Forest intense

      (RGB-JPG 819.02 kb)