24.09.2018 - CERSAIE 2018 (novelty 2019) / Modern naturalness
Jasba: successful collection Pattern further enlarged

Due to the very positive market response, Jasba enlarges its collection Pattern again after only one year. The principal theme of the successful series, the renaissance of naturalness, is skilfully ceramically interpreted this time as well: new decorative variants as well as a mono-coloured tile convey plain elegance together with excellent craftsmanship. The result is an ensemble permitting varied combinations for the extraordinary design of indoor and outdoor surfaces in all private areas.

Pattern mix Vanda and cement-grey mono-coloured tile
Materiality, naturalness and a cosy, comfortable character are typical features of the new Pattern variation Vanda. This high design quality is achieved by a subtle, cement-like look and 12 elaborate floral and geometric motifs in the format of 20 x 20 centimetres. The discreet colour compositions of grey, white, blue and mustard excellently harmonize with the cement-grey mono-coloured tile, which creates a vivid overall impression by varying and discreetly emphasizing the edge. With its velvety and at the same time distinctive surface, it self-confidently stands out from conventional tiles. In conjunction with a slightly nuanced surface, it enhances the self-evident, natural look and is extremely robust in addition.

Decorations Isola and Baleno
With the corresponding single motifs Isola and Baleno, Jasba offers diverse design possibilities. They are predestined for the accentuation or rhythmic structuring of defined areas; laid in continuous rows, however, they can also be used as covering of larger surfaces. If, for example, the single motifs Isola are laid side by side, a zestful, floral and noble pattern is created. Thanks to its unobtrusive Used-Look, the grey-blue decoration conveys a stringent, plain impression - but still with a pleasant touch of nostalgia.

In contrast to the decoration Isola, the single motif Baleno with grey-blue geometric patterns is impressive because of its trendy consistency. Here as well, for example, four single motifs can be laid side by side, which then result in an enlarged motif again - up to a large-area “ceramic carpet“, if desired.

Independent expressiveness
The new members of the collection Pattern are made of high-quality porcelain stoneware. They are offered in the stylistically optimal format of 20 x 20 centimetres, classified into slip-resistance category R10/B and suitable for the use both on the wall and on the floor. Thanks to diverse variation possibilities, individual and expressive room concepts can be realized, which harmonize with a nostalgic, classic interior decoration just as perfectly as with a modern, contemporary design style.

Innovative coating
An effective functional advantage is the in-plant HT (“Hydrophilic Tiles“) coating. This innovative solution is based on the effect of light and lends ceramic tiles revolutionary characteristics: they are extremely easy to clean, have an antibacterial effect without using chemical products and eliminate unwelcome odours as well as air pollutants. Thus, HT saves time and money and contributes to environmental protection thanks to the considerably reduced use of cleaning agents and disinfectants.

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Motif 1 (Picture source: Jasba Mosaik GmbH)

Jasba enlarges the successful collection Pattern and shows its diversity and individuality with this outdoor example: on the wall, the cement-grey mono-coloured tile is combined with the pattern mix Vanda in an inspiring manner; on the floor it presents itself together with the single decoration Isola, which was laid in a regular arrangement of always four tiles.
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Motif 2 (Picture source: Jasba Mosaik GmbH)

The pattern mix Vanda consists of 12 elaborate floral and geometric motifs in the format of 20x20 centimetres. The design conveys elegance and superior craftsmanship.

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Motif 3a (Picture source: Jasba Mosaik GmbH)

The two decoration versions Isola (3a) and Baleno (3b) are available as single motifs and are used, for example, for the accentuation of defined areas. In this way, both a floral, noble and a geometric, stringent look can be created.

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Motif 3ab (Picture source: Jasba Mosaik GmbH)
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