03.10.2017 - CERSAIE 2017 (2018 novelty)
Several creative trends brought together and ceramically interpreted
Series Jasba-Carpet (decorations Nelas and Mellby):
Elaborately woven “ceramic carpets“

This new creation which will be introduced into the market at the beginning of 2018 is in line with several highly topical mainstreams at the same time: the still continuing trend towards Vintage Style and soft-used-look, the rediscovery of classic patterns and decorations, the increasing interest in the plain elegance of coverings conveying a hand-crafted impression and the rough charm of cement tiles. As it is common practice at Jasba, these major aspects were not simply adopted one-to-one, but refined and ceramically interpreted. The result is two decorations full of character in the format of 20 x 20 centimetres with striking individuality and high expressiveness.

Decoration Nelas: floral and filigree
Black and grey nuances with floral, filigree forms on a light base create an interesting “ceramic carpet“, which conveys a strict and at the same time nostalgic impression. This look can be combined with furniture in the same nostalgic and classic style, but also with modern interior design. The clear colouring supports the combination versatility and permits comfort with a fascinating contrast.

Decoration Mellby: ornamental and geometric
This version conveys a modern type of elegance with ornamental, geometric forms and delicately changing colour nuances in powder shades absolutely trendy at present. By this skilful interplay, surfaces with a vivid rhythmic structure are created, which look self-confident but not obtrusive. Thus, Mellby brings the architectural design elements of colour and form into a new context, which nevertheless is reminiscent of historical models in a subtle manner.

The common design feature of both decorations is the creative options regarding the application: they can be used for setting accents, as surface covering and as structuring, bordering or filling elements for enhancing the attractiveness of walls and floors in all private areas in this way and lending them an extravagant individual look. In public areas, they open up many possibilities for extraordinary wall designs, e.g. in the hotel sector, in the catering trade, in museum-like rooms with an artistic touch, in shopfitting, in foyers, in all kinds of representative buildings or in a historic ambience for setting stylish accents there as a self-confident statement.

There are also technical parallels between Nelas and Mellby: both decorations are manufactured from high-quality, silky-matt glazed, frost-proof stoneware and provided with the HT (“Hydrophilic Tiles“) coating already ex factory. This innovative solution is based on the effect of light and lends ceramic tiles revolutionary characteristics: they are extremely easy to clean, have an antibacterial effect without using chemical products and eliminate unwelcome odours as well as air pollutants. Thus, HT saves time and money and contributes to environmental protection thanks to the considerably reduced use of cleaning agents and disinfectants.

The two decorations of the series Jasba-Carpet create a special ambience, which combines dynamic vitality with noble sovereignty and captures the nostalgic magic of earlier epochs in a modern manner.

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Motif 1 (Picture source: Jasba Mosaik GmbH)

The series Jasba-Carpet (2018 novelty) consists of two decorations. The common feature of both versions is the special effect in the style of a ceramic floor or wall carpets:
- Nelas (Motif 1) with a floral, filigree design,
- Mellby (Motif 2) with an ornamental, geometric look.

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Motif 2 (Picture source: Jasba Mosaik GmbH)
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