06.11.2015 - Gigantic ceramic shoe as a symbol of love's bliss

Newly-weds Rebecca and Daniel chose exactly this gigantic shoe as an atmospheric background for unusual wedding photos taken by their local photography agency Fotostudio Gros. But the glamorous look is not the only thing that goes perfectly with a romantic wedding. The name is also very appropriate: this work of art is called Cinderella which is one of the best-known fairy tales ever. As is well known, it features an exquisite shoe which enables the prince who has fallen hopelessly in love with the most beautiful girl at the ball to find her and marry her – just like Daniel and Rebecca ...

This eye-catching piece evolved within the framework of the “Mon Stiletto” campaign, initiated by the city of Montabaur. Local media called on professional and amateur artists, clubs, groups, classes of schoolchildren and companies to design one of a total of 20 “stilettos” (gigantic shoes). Resulting in 27 oversized shoes which now adorn the route between the new Fashion Outlet Center (FOC) and Montabaur city centre, thereby drawing on memories of times gone by in which the region was characterised by the shoemaking trade. Design demanded ideas, imagination and creativity – attributes which are also writ big at the Jasba brand.
Accordingly, there was no beating about the bush: within 48 hours, the Cinderella idea was born under the direction of Monika Prinz-Hoffmann (engineering graduate in Architecture and Urban Development) and realised within a short period of time thanks to an impressive team effort: the basic construction comprising glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP) was provided by the city of Montabaur in its capacity as the organiser while the structure was clad entirely by a competent and committed in-house team at the Jasba plant in Ötzingen. A “highly-durable, elastic hybrid construction adhesive” was used for glueing the mosaics to this special surface which guarantees the requisite adhesion and weather resistance. Grouting was also technically and visually complex: a design joint (brand: Sopro) with a glitter effect was used in order to underline the elegant overall appearance.

And the result is truly remarkable: Jasba’s Cinderella shoe injects a charming element of romanticism into everyday life while subtly highlighting the advantages of ceramic tiles in general and mosaics in particular. Like a second skin, it fits snugly around even complex shapes and is inspiring thanks to elegant noblesse which was exclusively reserved for emperors and kings of old – bringing us back to the (fairy tale) theme in question ...

An idea and 1 x 1 cm mosaics from the NATURAL GLAMOUR series ...

photo source: Jasba Mosaik GmbH
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... as well as a committed performance by the entire team ...

photo source: Jasba Mosaik GmbH
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photo source: Jasba Mosaik GmbH
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... resulted in an eye-catcher which expertly highlights the aesthetic advantages of ceramic tiles.

photo source: Fotostudio Gros

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photo source: Jasba Mosaik GmbH
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